Frequently asked questions

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How many people live at Rainbow?

Can I visit?
Yes, providing there is a space for you. We ask that you email or phone prior to coming.

What is your land area?
250 acres / 100 hectares.

Do you eat communally?
Not regularly, although we have "community meals" when we feel like it.

Do you home school?
It's up to each individual family whether they home school or not.

Are you accepting new members?
Yes, provided there is space and a feeling of mutual goodwill exists.

How far are you from the nearest town?
Takaka is our nearest town, 11km away.

Is there a community fee?
Yes, there is a monthly fee which we all pay. This contributes to the running of the Community.

Is there a house I could live in?
We have two community owned houses which are rented out and two privately owned houses for rent. Inquire re availability.

What sort of climate do you have?
We are in the mountains, so we have reasonably cold winters but hot summers. Not much wind. We have a reasonably high rainfall.